Snippet From Us Weekly Magazine

Snippet From Us Weekly Magazine

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 and the other Oceanic Six fled the island Snippet from US Weekly MagazineIn Us Weekly Magazine, dated January 19, 2009, page 62 and 63 under Winter TV Must-Sees reads:

Bad things occurred after Jack (Matthew Fox), Kate (Evangeline Lilly) and the other Oceanic Six fled the island. Now Jack’s on a mission to bring them back. “It’s not a season-long quest, but there are complications,” coexec producer Damon Lindelof tells Us. So what did happen to the castaways–including Sawyer (Josh Holloway)–when the island disappeared in the finale? A time warp. And it’s perilous. “They’re the opposite of safe,” says Lindelof.

Sex on the beach
“It’s not all bleakness,” coexec producer Carlton Cuse tells Us. “We have romance!” Yes, the quadrangle of Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) continues. “Kate and Jack are picking up their pieces, but she still pines for Sawyer,” says Lindelof, adding, “Sawyer can only wait for so long.”

Source: US Weekly via The Fuselage

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